Friday, November 27, 2009 is coming

in preparation for christmas i am a. not partying and b. working my ass off and c. preparing to host a "kilnhouse christmas party". that's right time for me to lay off the rum and eggnog and work every minute of every day. life is grand. i had a very productive week in the stude. tonight is decorating/wine drinking night for me hehe ok so i'm a hypocrite... i am creating an christmas installation. not the usual store bought christmas decor will you find around here. i will be using only natural decorations as is my habit for every ocassion, no tree will be cut only the bows which i hauled 3 miles this morning from my parents farm. it's true there is probably better ways for me to utilize my time than making chandeliers out of spruce bows and covering walls to create a "bow carpet" but what the hey, i feel inspired to do so :)

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