Friday, March 12, 2010

some new big ass planters for my upcoming "rainbow owl and The Spring Collection" show at Peace Gallery North, opening night April Fools Day!

warning-graphic content!

Lady with the rose crown-planter

i waited 2 months for my 10cubic foot bailey kiln to get here, ordered from new york city! it took 8 men to unload this kiln from the truck! then my bro helped me get it into place. it then took 3 different electricians to figuere out all my electricity bullshit! last night was my first successful firing-praise jesus!

ain't she pretty!

meet my new hydrangea Francesca, i love her but she is high maintenance-that's what it takes to look good i guess eh? i am also selling new works from cathy terepocki at jason larque at sheila at and amy wakefield at

new planter i painted for the fort st. john arts council.