Sunday, January 17, 2010

rainbow owl extravaganza...

so i've created this character named rainbow owl.... he is an ironic, honest, loving, neurotic little wise owl, who also gives cultural commentary on living in the north. he is now on twitter, check him if you like! i started with doing watercolor paintings of him, now i've made him out of clay, and tomorrow i will be unloading a whole series of "rainbow owl mugs" from the kiln, some of the favorites are the ones in which he wears a welding mask or is sitting on a welding truck, this is because although rainbow owl is a therapist, his secret dream is to be a welder ha! the next step is to get some tshirts for both men and women done up. here is a pic of rainbow owl in his ceramic form, also some pics of my sketch book, a nice "ass" drawing, a new "blue jean bird" mosaic", my new show of watercolours at whole wheat n honey, new batch of necklaces and the sunset outside my stude! god i would love to go to spain...just my thought for tonight!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

it's friggin' cold!

i have had the blues lately. it is hard at times to live in the frozen north, where winters last 8 monthes and -20 is considered a warm day and -57 has already happened! and also it is hard to be an artist for inumerable reasons (is that a word?) anywho this is NOT whine-fest 2010, i have a point...and it's coming...
so because of this weather i have spent the last 3 monthes with a sweater on and most days a touque as well and this is INSIDE my studio while i make pots. i love sweaters and it really does help the days if you have something cozy to wear. because of all this i have been inspired to create a new series of cozy mugs guessed it "sweater mugs!", they are puffy and cute, their handles are hollow to add to their puffy-sweater appeal...just imagine drinking piping hot coffee outta one of these babies! oh yes and here are some new mosaics i'm working on with the addition of lace.