Wednesday, November 18, 2009

pots. fabric. dinner

christmas is coming...aka the only time for an artist like me to make some coin and pay off some debt hah! so i am gettin to work in the case you didn't know is a very inspirational super fricken awesome clothing company where i pull a lot of inspiration from. my work has always been very influenced by fashion, fabric textures, and of course music...sometimes i think i went into the wrong line of artwork...but then i realize no i loooove clay, why? because you can do ANYTHING with it! you can literally make anything you can imagine! here are some of my new "beer drinkin tumblers" that i just glazed today, i want them to almost look like really pretty sweaters, i like to think of them as pretty yet rough around the makes them real. not too pretty that you're afraid to use them. an authentic type of beauty...i dunno. anywho i am also framin up a storm and working on some fabric collages, enjoy:) oh yeah and that is my crazy artist dinner tonight.


  1. nice tumblers, are you framing the fabric? how? the spaghetti looks over-cooked;)..

  2. thanks, yep the fabric collages will be framed amongst my 15 new framed watercolours, they will be framed in shadow boxes....hope they work out, i may add ceramics to them too! and no that pasta was perfecto...i can't stand overcooked!!