Saturday, May 9, 2009

the meaning of making these things

Since I've opened kilnhouse I haven't had a lot of time to think about showing work elsewhere since it's an on going struggle to keep my two hands making enough objects to let's face it-make a living. I am now realizing I'm going to have to try and show a few places a year if I want to be eligible for any grants. My dream is to have a show at the BC Gallery of Ceramics, go to ,the work show-cased there is soo lovely. I've been thinking more deeply about the meaning behind all of theses tumblers I've produced lately. I love it where the clay is bare, and just a wee bit of glaze is used to exploit some design or texture. I like to think of the clay as flesh/skin and the glaze is clothing or a tattoo. The aesthetic I am going for is that of a poor seamstress, who is pretty and creative but her clthes are hap-hazard. She is making these loose fleshy tumblers...They work but they're primitive... anyways this is all fresh in my head but I thought I'd get it written before I lost it.

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