Monday, June 21, 2010


  1. Hello hello, Madam!

    My name is Jillian Lukiwski!
    I'm Canadian and I live in Idaho.
    You met my husband a couple of weeks ago -- in fact, you sold him a cup!
    He was working in Fort with the Canadian Smokejumper crew but he is based in Winthrop, Washington in the North Cascades. Perhaps you remember him?

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for opening your shop up for the boys and letting them peruse your beautiful goods!
    I'm visiting Robert right now and last night he gave me the cup he purchased from you and it meant the world to me.

    You do lovely LOVELY work and I'll be sure to collect some more of your pieces in the years to come. It's a pleasure to support a fellow independent artist and you'll hear from us in the future!


  2. You do amazing work! wow, beautiful. Im from Fort st John, but now live in Kamloops, I saw your pictures on facebook via mutual friends and I fell in love. Im an artist of sorts as well and your work really inspires me!

    Those necklaces are really rad... how much are you selling them for?