Friday, February 12, 2010

it's been awhile so here's a bit of an update!
number one. my little character "rainbow owl" has kinda exploded, and i am now having my first solo exhibition at peace gallery north here in fort st. john featuring rainbow owl. it will be for the entire month of april and rainbow owl mugs, tshirts, tumblers and teapots will be for sale! crazy i never knew he would be so popular, but i think people appreciate his authenticity, as he is brutally honest.

and that's when rainbow owl realized he had fucked his own life... (tumbler)

i have been busy preparing for my annual valentines day sale! who cares if you're single, you can celebrate by treating yourself! i made tons of vases and planters and tumblers as you will see here...and they are on sale tomorrow (feb 13th) from 10-6 at kilnhouse, so stop by if you're in the area!


  1. Beautiful things! How was your sale? And do you sell online anywhere? I LOVE your work.

  2. hi lori!
    thankyou, the feeling is mutual. i showed my friends how you name all of your pieces, we all love it! i have an etsy but am not using it right now. i do sell believe it or not, from facebook sometimes! i update it weekly with my new work, and we can always to a credit card over the phone transaction. add me if you are on there!

  3. thats the good shit yo. rainbow owl is dollar dollar

  4. jeff, what does that(dollar dollar) mean???