Wednesday, January 6, 2010

it's friggin' cold!

i have had the blues lately. it is hard at times to live in the frozen north, where winters last 8 monthes and -20 is considered a warm day and -57 has already happened! and also it is hard to be an artist for inumerable reasons (is that a word?) anywho this is NOT whine-fest 2010, i have a point...and it's coming...
so because of this weather i have spent the last 3 monthes with a sweater on and most days a touque as well and this is INSIDE my studio while i make pots. i love sweaters and it really does help the days if you have something cozy to wear. because of all this i have been inspired to create a new series of cozy mugs guessed it "sweater mugs!", they are puffy and cute, their handles are hollow to add to their puffy-sweater appeal...just imagine drinking piping hot coffee outta one of these babies! oh yes and here are some new mosaics i'm working on with the addition of lace.


  1. like the handles alot! what do you think about making the cylinders double walled? would really fill out that puffy look..overall i give you an A. good job butler..

  2. thanks jeff! i think that is a really cool idear! you should see the other "puff" inspired pots i made today, i'm finally re-inspired!